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The puppy/dog  offered for sale is register with the AKC, and is excess breeding stock of Maple Lane Labs.  

Puppy/dog’s Name:___________________________ Micro Chip #___________________ Sex: ___________ AKC #:

Coat color:  Black  /  Yellow  /   Chocolate     Collar color__________ Whelped: _______________ Date of Sale:
___________________  Amount of Sale:______________________

Puppy is sold with Guarantee provided the requirements are met:

Maple Lane Lab agrees:

♥That the puppy/dog to be free of genetic hip dysplasia and free of non-CERF’able eye diseases. Upon confirmation of
either hip dysplasia or eye disease by a qualified veterinarian, before the age of 30 months, this puppy will be
replaced with a pup of equal value, or a partial refund, if the pup is spayed/neutered and the purchaser wishes to
keep the pup. The future of the affected pup is to be mutually decided upon by both the Seller and Purchaser, with
the pup’s welfare in mind.
♥The above named dog has received the first of its series of inoculations for infectious disease and has been treated  
for parasites.
♥The above named dog is functionally sound.


The New Owner guarantees that:
♥A safe environment shall be provided for the above named dog to include a fenced yard or kennel, shelter from
weather if the dog is housed outside, adequate food and water, adequate socialization with people and other dogs.
♥The above named dog shall successfully complete some form of  puppy obedience training by six months of age.  
♥The dog shall not be allowed to run loose without supervision.
♥The dog shall be seen by a veterinarian within 72 hours of the puppy pick up date for a general health check. The
puppy can be returned for a full refund within the 72 hours, if the vet finds a health problem.
♥The Purchaser is responsible for completing the series of inoculations, and yearly boosters.  
♥Purchaser assumes full responsibility for the health care of the above named dog immediately upon receipt.
♥Purchaser agrees that the dog/ puppy not be spayed or neutered before 12-14 months.
♥The above named dog has been placed on Limited Registration until proof of OFA Hip, elbow & CERF eye
certification at which time, limited may be removed. And purchaser also agreed that it will only be bred to dogs with
the same qualifications.
♥If the Limited registrations is removed and the dog is used for breeding the purchaser agrees that Limited
Registration will also be used for all offspring.
♥ Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available, and all canine illnesses are NOT covered by vaccinations or
health screenings, we require that all Maple Lane dogs/ puppies continue to take “Nu-Vet Plus Canine” supplement.
This is to keep their immune system strong and prevent illness. This nutritional supplement is only available through
veterinarian or breeder recommendation, so we receive a monthly report of who is receiving this product. We
reserve the right to void this health guarantee if you choose not to keep this dog/ puppy on “Nu-Vet Plus Canine”
♥If for any reason the New Owner is unable to care for the above named dog, THE DOG MUST BE RETURNED TO THE
BREEDER or the breeder must be contacted if the above named dog is given or sold to another party other than  the
breeder. Resale of this dog will terminate the terms of this contract.  The breeder will possibly transfer this
guarantee to the new owners if they fill out a adoption application and are approved by the breeder. The breeder is
not obligated to transfer the guarantee.
♥If the dog is returned to the breeder ownership must be transferred to the Breeder at time of return.
♥The New Owner understands that the Breeder will try to recoup some of the New Owner's original purchase price,
but NO MONETARY REIMBURSEMENT IS IMPLIED OR GUARANTEED. The ultimate goal will  be a suitable home for the
named dog.


Breeder’s Signature_______________________________________ Date:______________________

Purchaser’s Signature______________________________________Date:______________________